Slipping Stitches - Melody Cruise

Hands up time… how many of you have heard of Slipping Stitches? Not many at a guess! Now… how many of you call yourselves Mike Monroe fanatics? Lots and Lots and Lots! So… for all those who haven't heard of Slipping Stitches, SHAME ON YOU! Not only did Mike co-produce 'Melody Cruise', he also co-produced, co-wrote and sang on the last two bonus tracks 'No Privacy' and 'What If I Knew' (from when SS were formerly known as 'Piece of Mind'). So what to expect… firstly, don't expect anything typically 'Michael', afterall, this is not his band, this IS 'Slipping Stitches'.

Front-lined by Cashmire Starz, SS exuberates and sparkles with everything naturally Finnish, whilst containing an edge of sadness, of which the Nords are renowned for. 'Melody Cruise' is heart-shaped, a continuing drive of dark romantic lyrics and music wrote from the deepest recess of the soul, combined with typically slutty, power-driven guitars (Motley Crue, The Ramones, Guns n' Roses, Hanoi). Powerful in every capacity; meaningful in every word and a hearty meal for all! I'll be honest, Scandinavian music doesn't appeal to everyone, some catch their load immediately, others slowly but surely. Slipping Stitches are the latter, but don't fret, because I guarantee it will be a surely! For me personally, 'Melody Cruise' was an instant catch and I will DEFINITELY be checking the shores for future releases.

by Spice D. Warlock

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