Slick's Kitchen - Half Evil - Half Album

It's not often that a band gets two reviews for the same release on "Glitzine", but German punk rock trio "Slick's Kitchen" can take that honour, due largely to the fact that I somehow managed to miss them on their recent UK jaunt supporting "The Damned". This, after the band had taken the time to contact me and share the delights of this debut six track EP weeks in advance. So, I think the fact that we've already reviewed this can be overlooked this time around, don't you?

To put yourself in the same paradigm as "Slick's Kitchen" main man, bassist and vocalist Slick Prolidol, you have to understand the European scene this band have evolved out (via the excellent glam pop of "Traceelords") of, and recognise that "Slick's Kitchen" write huge chorus driven crossover punk pop tunes in what is effectively still their second language. So, after some initial head scratching around some possible dubious use of ironic lyrical content, I have to say this six track EP is certainly a fine introduction to a band fired up and ready to entertain.

Lead track "Slick's Kitchen" is "T Rex" guitar pop strung over a "Danko Jones" distorted bass riff, and certainly lives up to Slick's Half Evil - Full Show ethos, charging out of your speakers like a division of glam punk panzer tanks. From there on in it's pretty much blitzkrieg of the senses, with my personal fave tune being "Here I Am" built on a riff and sense of immediacy to kill for. When the E.P. does move away from full throttle rock 'n' roll and into true crossover territory via "Good You're Gone", images of eighties euro pop flash through my mind, all long raincoats complimented by haircuts long at the back and short on the sides.

"Half Evil - Half Album" certainly is the sound of a band cooking on full gas. Whilst any frontman who looks like Stephen Pearcy (what about "Ratt in Slick's Kitchen" for the next album title eh guys?), has worked with "Sodom", and shared a stage with the "The Nuge" certainly gets this reviewer's full respect.

When the band are back on the road in 2009, I urge you all to take up the invitation to cum in Slick's Kitchen, as it is simply too good an offer to turn down… Spunk Rock indeed.

4 out of 5

by Johnny H.

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