Slaves To Fashion - 4 Track EP

Slaves To Fashion are a four piece band from the west coast of Norway, playing a catchy mix of melodic/progressive/hard rock. The songs are all to a very high standard, as is the musicianship!

Opening with the melodic 'Mrs Hero', things look very promising for Slaves To Fashion. 'Left Out In the Cold' follows, again heavy but melodic, the guitars are a little to far back in the mix for me, but another strong strong song. 'The Garden (Remix)' shows a little more variety in the way the song is mixed. This demo/EP closes out with 'Out Of Here', a slow moody melodic track, again yet another strong song.

Slaves To Fashion do come with a little pedigree; back in 2007 they released the album 'Crossing Over' under their then name of P.O.B.
I can see foresee big things for Slaves to Fashion, this is a great introduction and I'm really looking forward to hearing the full album now.

Rating 9/10

by Barry Gennard

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