Skintight Jaguars - Leather Clad Sons of Satan

Skintight Jaguars have been giving themselves a bit of exposure on Glitzinet these days so I was quite pleased when this CD arrived so I could see for myself if they lived up to the hype.

First off, I am quite intrigued by the name, Skintight Jaguars - where the hell does that come from? Please tell me! I've also just noticed the band members' names - brilliant - Kip Legend, Niro Knox, Matt Valentine and J Machete, so now at least I know these guys have a sense of humour.

Okay down to the serious business of the music. Well they definitely sound like demos by a band trying to cut their teeth, raw and sounding very small studio. It's a shame there are only 3 tracks as I'd like to have heard more. Sounding like AC/DC meets Salty Dog, they are what I would describe as classic hard rock with old skool influences throughout.

There's nothing really original about the Skintight Jaguars music wise, they sound tight enough and they look good which is definitely going to pull in the crowds and they seem to be getting a few gigs lately which is encouraging. I feel they just need a bit more time to mature, develop and get some good songs down.

I'd like to hear this band again in a six months when they have a few more gigs under their belt as I believe that they have potential, which this demo doesn't bring out and they certainly sound like talented musicians who just need the right songs to grow into. Check out the 3 demos on their website and see for yourself.

by Grant W.

Visit the Skintight Jaguars Website