Skandal - Stripclub Neon

As their website says, the members of Skandal first met up at a charity auction in Cleethorpes in aid of S&M awareness. Well of course they did, why wouldn't they? Between you and me, I suspect they come from the Black Country.

Stripclub Neon is the debut 4-track from Skandal, which is an assault on the senses. The album starts off with a crushing right hook to the head with the track "Desperado", a beast of track akin to "One more Reason". I had to constantly suppress an urge to jump up and start playing air guitar throughout this song!

The following track, "Endless Abuse" is a contrast with a hard, dark verse and a lighter, bouncy chorus with a classic heavy metal style guitar solo much akin to Iron Maiden. "Teenage Vamp" is a heavy, slower paced song with a thumping bass and rocking power chords interspaced with intricate fill-in work. The final track, "Shock Rock Romeo" is a generous slice of early 90's sleaze pie with an 80's glam sauce sprinkled over the top.

Another excellently mastered CD, if a little bit bassy, which was easily remedied by a tweak on the graphic equaliser. Jay Coopers vocals scream and wail with urgency, Danni and Olly's guitar and bass work fits the style like a glove and Dek's drums are just spot on.

I loved it, the wife loved it, hell - even my cats loved it! I'm looking forward to seeing them live!

A rocking 9/10

by SJ Skyline

Well the demo landed on my door mat and I faced the daunting task of listening to and reviewing a band I knew nothing about.

1st track up 'Desperado', and immediately thought of Motley Crue with the guitars opening chords. The winey vocals and backing kicked in and it was all early Crue, even early Tigertailz soundin. Song was kinda catchy on 2nd play.

2nd track, 'Endless Abuse', kicked in similarly but the vocalist sound changed to a kinda Alice cooper sound, which continued for the following 2 tracks, 'Teenage Vamp' and 'Shock Rock Romeo'. They seemed confident musicians but nothing new really that a few other bands are doing out there. Once you’ve heard it a couple of times it became boring to me. Maybe a better production would of lifted it a little. For me just Ok, so out of ten, a 2 maybe a 3.

Andy Rothwell

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