Sister Sin - Switchblade Serenades

'Beat the Street' starts off with a very heavy riff sounding like a cross between the Hellacopters and Lordi and made me wonder what on earth to expect but then it all settles down.

Musically this album is a wonderful blend of all the best bits of Vain (especially vocally) mixed with classic Dokken-esque riffs. It might be nothing new but that doesn't mean that it's mediocre. Rock music will never die while there are bands turning out albums like this. As an old skool tart, this took me firmly back to the late 80s and early 90s and grabs the best bits of that era.

Stand out tracks are:
'Beat the Street'
'One Out of Ten' - This song has a wonderful chorus, good melody and lyrics.
'Breaking New Ground' - While they aren't really breaking anything new, any song that has the words "we're dysfunctional punks and bastards" is good by me.

If you like Vain you will love this.

by K.T. Glitz

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