Sister - Shock Rock Party Pop

Sister are a young 4 piece glam band from Sweden taking their influences heavily from Pretty Boy Floyd and early Poison. Looking like a cross between Crash Diet and Wrathchild they certainly stand out from most bands around at the moment, this is their first demo.

Opening track, "Down On Your Knees" reminds me of Pretty Boy Floyd at their poppiest and has a great chorus, which will stick in your head instantly. The sound is pretty good for a self-produced demo although obviously it goes without saying that you shouldn't listen to this expecting production values equivalent to major label products. It still sounds a shit load better than the last Metallica album though! Second track is "Turn On The Night", which has an intro riff very reminiscent of early Poison and is another well written track that you'll instantly be singing along to. Finally "Can't Get Enough" is the moodiest track on the demo and shows a different side to their songwriting ability. The style is a lot darker on this song and you can almost see the sneer on vocalist Jamie's lips as you listen to it.

This is a band with great songwriting ability and the demo shows a lot of promise for the future. They're also constantly gigging in and around Sweden and venture further afield in Europe when the opportunity presents itself. For any fan of the bubblegum glam sound this demo is a must and points to a great future for the band and as all the tracks are available for free from the bands website, you really have no excuse to not check them out for yourself right away.

by John Baxter

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