Sinnerstar - Craving Aches and Bitter Lemon Hearts

An odd thing happened to me during the initial spin of this disc. Ready to dismiss it as standard fodder, I went through a semi-catharsis, and in the end found it rather enjoyable.

Sinnerstar could almost be considered a solo project from chief songwriter, vocalist, guitarist, and bassist, Koozie Johns, who has worked with many renowned artists over the years, and most notably, Tyla from Dogs D'amour. Sinnerstar however, do not sound anything like Dogs D'amour, but tip their hat more to David Bowie, not so much musically, but vocally; Johns is a dead ringer at times.

As previously mentioned, I was indifferent through the first half of this CD, save for the semi-spoken word 'Heal My Brain'. But my attitude began to change with the psychedelic 'Slow Down' and the up-tempo 'Porn Affliction'. The verses on the latter are far better than the somewhat clichéd chorus of 'You got it, I Want It', but regardless, it's a great song. 'Velvet Eyes', another song, which jumped out, is slower in tempo, but uplifting in prose and after the average 'Pearl in Paradise', the CD concluded with the aptly titled 'End of the Line'. The CD ended rather abruptly, and in the sudden silence, I thought to myself… "Now that turned out to be a pretty good CD after all".

by Dan Earley

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