Sinn - Jailbreak

Sinn - a Tommy Krash (guitarist of American Sugar Bitch) side project, available NOW on Perris Records.

I've got to say, Tommy really has let it all hang out on 'Jailbreak'; snotty lead vocals, wailing guitars and just out n' out sleaze rock. From the in your face opener 'Girl' to the KISS influenced 'Stepsister'; they really do manage to keep you begging for more.

The band give their all, adding that dash of modern day punk we love to hear (and sometimes hate) to a wide and varied array of influences from the 70's and 80's. Expect to get your old school glam rock fill, your rock fill, your ballad fill and not forgetting the infamous the cover fill… making 'Jailbreak' an all-rounder to be pleasured by all.

by Bay Breez

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