Simply Slang - 4 Track EP

Arrrrrgh!!! ANOTHER EP!!! Doesn't anybody release full lengths anymore? The four song self-titled debut by Simply Slang starts with a bang, ends with a flurry, and sags a bit in the middle.

The disc kicks off with a guitar rendition of the 'Star Spangled Banner'. It's not Jimi, but the anthem sounds good whenever played on guitar, so points scored for that. 'Live 4 The Weekend' (no, Loverboy fans, not that one) and 'Rock & Roll Chain Gang' sound pretty much like what you'd think by the titles; bar rock, inflected with blues stylings and staggered rhythms. For many, this will appeal. I found the songs a bit unimaginative, but then that might just be based upon personal taste. The final cut, 'Angeline' has an airy quality and beauty to it that suggests good things possible by this band in the future. The stark lyrics and memorable melody are strong points.

The CD gets thin at times with production but, taking into account that this is a debut, we will forgive them. If you're a fan of more rootsy sounds, check it out.

by Lycan Davis

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