Silver Dirt - Sonic Live 2006 DVD

This is the first DVD from Silver Dirt whose debut album, Sonic Boom, impressed me on it's release in 2006. The show was filmed on November 16th 2006 at L'Usine a Gaz in Nyon, Switzerland and gives fans outside Switzerland a chance to taste the Silver Dirt live experience for the first time. As well as the gig it also contains some backstage footage and the promo video for "Go! She Said"

The gig itself opens with the music from 2001:A Space Odyssey and onscreen band introductions before the guys hit the stage and kick straight into "She's Got To Be". The sound and picture quality are both absolutely flawless. There are no overdubs or studio fixes on the DVD which is apparent from the start and it's all the better for it giving it a more honest feeling. The drummer, Silver Gregg, looks as stiff as a board when playing and could do with loosening up and letting himself go. Just because a drummer's stuck at the back doesn't mean they can't be just as much the centre of visual focus as the frontman, just ask Motley Crue's Tommy Lee or Steve Danger of Wolfsbane! The harmonies on the chorus of "Wasted Dream" sound great live and this is then followed up with a blistering cover of the Stones classic "The Last Time". Throughout the show it cuts to backstage footage of the band getting ready to take the stage and on the road etc. The band are on top form for the gig and pull out all the stops for a great performance playing most of their debut album, Sonic Boom, and also throwing in a cover of "Raw Power" by Iggy and The Stooges along with the bane of many gig-goers….the guitar solo and drum solo. Generally I tend to groan at the mere mention of a guitar solo (yet strangely I tend to enjoy drum solos - go figure!) and both here just seem a bit pointless. It's a club gig and not a stadium show where you can generally get away with such self indulgence and for me it just takes away from the pacing of the show. Plus, Dirty Lyo magically changes his guitar halfway through his solo with no swapping over at all, which just makes the editing look a little sloppy. Only a minor niggle though 'cos the rest of the gig is great and closes with the bluesy "Freedom Haven" followed with a raucous version of "City Prowler".

The promo video for "Go! She Said" is also on the DVD which, again, is a live video interspersed with backstage footage but isn't taken from the same show as the main gig but the video quality is as high and professional.

Until a promoter or two in other parts of Europe wises up to these guys and offers them dates elsewhere this could be the only chance to check out the raw passion of their live show without travelling. The band have been recording material for their second album so we can only hope they manage to tour other countries but until then this is a blistering demonstration of just how good they can be and the fact that they've put together such a professional package for an unsigned band alone must be applauded.


by John Baxter

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