Silver Dirt - Sonic Boom

Silver Dirt hail from Geneva, Switzerland and were born from the ashes of a Led Zeppelin covers band in late 2004. They threw themselves straight into the live circuit, eventually recording a 5 track demo in early 2005 before going back out on the road again. Sonic Boom is their first full length album and sees them carving their own sound out.

First track 'Go! She Said' appeared on the Perris Records Hollywood Hairspray 5 CDand starts with the cheesiest spoken word intro ever! Thankfully the song itself is pretty cool, reminiscent of Junkyard's bar-room style rock'n'roll. It's a style that's heard throughout, with other notable influences being AC/DC and The Rolling Stones, there's even a cool rocking cover of the Stones 'The Last Time'. Title track, 'Sonic Boom' is a great stomping rock song with a fantastic chorus and a healthy dose of cowbell. 'Angels With Silver Wings' brings the pace down a little for a sludgy sounding 70's rocker. At 7:20mins in length it goes on a little longer than it should but is still a cool song. These guys are impressive players with a really tight sound that only comes from many years of playing together in a live situation.

This is a great debut from a band who've worked hard finding their own sound. The songwriting is strong throughout and the playing can't be faulted. With a live CV that includes support slots to bands as diverse as Iron Maiden, Rammstein and Brides of Destruction you can bet that these songs will translate well onto the stage, which is where you'll find Silver Dirt for the next few months. An album well worth buying.

by John Baxter

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