Silver - World Against World

I've got to be honest - I hate this CD. There. I've said it. I've listened to it nearly every 2 days for the past 2 weeks, desperately trying to find something likeable about it, but I've given up. Each time I hear it, it just makes me hate it even more.

It ticks so many of "the things I hate" boxes that I want to send it to landfill at the earliest opportunity. It sounds like punk by numbers, almost as if someone sat down, analysed what made "punk" and forced the band into the studio to record it. There's not even a hint in this that they might actually be enjoying what they're playing. It sounds completely devoid of soul. The press release states that, "they still play punk rock with a touch of fierce glam rock - but it's more punk rock and less glam rock this time". I suppose if you count vaguely melodic choruses or sounding like Taime Downe during his "industrial " phase as "fierce glam rock" then perhaps they're right, but that's as close as it gets.

Ironically, if Silver were a third on the bill support band they'd probably be great. Their heads down, blast it out as fast as you can style would work superbly. The kids would be jumping up and down or crowd surfing and after 20 minutes Silver would be gone and the crowd would be fired up and gagging for the headliners. Sadly, in the comfort of your own home or car, this headlong rush just sounds dull. There's nothing anthemic in any of this and no shout a long choruses, so most of it is over in a blur and quickly forgotten, and the brief attempt to add a bit of light and shade doesn't help. There's a couple of what I can only be described as "in fills" - short verbal tracks or song snippets that sound like they were recorded from crackly vinyl. I'm guessing that these are in Swedish or Norwegian and maybe if I understood the language I'd view them differently but as they stand - they just sound stupid. Last and "bonus" track "Hold Fast" is the biggest mistake of them all. It's a low budget ballad, completely out of keeping with everything else on the CD and hopefully just a joke. Guys - there is a middle ground between the 90mph rush and pointless ballads and sound bites you know?

This is Silvers second album so there's market for it somewhere but it won't be gracing my CD player again anytime soon.

by Phil T.

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