Side-Show Sirens - Last Exit To Bispham

When I was a young glamster growing up, along with my musical obsession, I was also completely fascinated by old Sci-Fi and horror films. So, part of my weekly ritualistic scare fix would be to stay up late on a Friday night watching black and white reruns of "Twilight Zone" and "The Outer Limits" on my old portable TV. There was always something larger than life about those shows; something that today still sends a shiver of nervous anticipation through my very being. The omnipotent power of threat and almost (by today's standards) unfinished feel of these classic pieces of TV horror really made a truly compelling combination.

But I guess you're thinking, "why the hell is he waxing lyrical about old B movie type horror when he's reviewing "Side-show Sirens"?

Well, the best analogy I can give you for "Side-show Sirens" is that they are like some musical version of one of these old TV shows. A living, breathing, walking, talking Rock 'N' Roll nightmare not the like seen since "Sammi Curr" was last spotted tearing up Lakeridge High School. "Side-show Sirens" are hideously amateur and Lo-Fi in their approach, with each song struggling to find its rhythm or meter. Yet every track is so gore-iously over the top, addictive stuff, that it immediately becomes essential listening for anyone who digs such cool vibe merchants as "The Cramps", "The Fuzztones" or my own faves "The Barbarellatones".

You could hardly have anticipated this quartet of bad muthafuckers from Bispham releasing this their 2nd EP so quickly after the last one. Jesus guys!!!! The ink from Danzai's rave review for "Coffin Leather" has hardly had time to dry.

With songs such as "Rock N Roll Revolution" and "Ricky Chaseing" the 3 guys and gal from Blackpool sound more like the product of the surf garage punk scene of the USA than of the UK's Las Vegas. Certain elements of "Side-Show Sirens" scream out that original punk DIY ethic that I haven't experienced in a hell of a long time in a UK band. In fact it's probably not since I first fell in love with "Wrathchild's Stackheel Strutt" back in the mid Eighties.

I'll tell you just how much I liked this. Of the six tracks on this EP, I received only four that actually would play on my CD player. So, feeling well cheated and ripped off, I hastily went to "Side-Show Sirens" Myspace page to get the missing tracks. I was that addicted to these sleazy fuckers sonic shake. (This was also either a classy piece of marketing to drive fan activity to web or Spice's PC playing up again when compiling her review discs).

Repeated listening of "Side-show Sirens - Last Exit to Bispham" is highly recommended for coprophiliacs, serial killers, and general fuck ups worldwide.

This is some pretty scary shit.

4 out of 5

by Johnny H.

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