Sick Six Crush - S/T

Last summer, when I first got this debut effort by the now-defunct Sick Six Crush, it automatically found a position in the glampunk section of my CDs. After many listens, something didn't sit right. I tossed it on again for this review and realized what my problem was. Even though the band features Macy and Kari of Peppermint Creeps, these guys are pure glam ala Poison and Motley Crue (haha, teach me for making an assumption).

The S/T CD contains 11 trashy glam anthems, all nicely highlighting singer Jay Fisher's distinct voice which, although not having the greatest range, is perfect for the music presented here. The band plays tightly throughout the disc. Macy wisely doesn't overplay on guitar but still finds the right flair when called for and the rhythm section of Jonni V. and Kari Ash create a crunching rhythm while sticking to the song structure.

Lyrically speaking, the band deals with issues ranging from love to life (not deep, but still important). Also, credit to the band for being the first glam band I've heard that mentions a wedding ring in a song. The only time they miss their mark is with Revolution 2000. Good melodies but, in 2003 I find lyrics like "Raise your hands, 'case we're takin' over the world" a bit archaic."

Sick Six Crush are no more, so this CD could be out of print at any time. As for me, I've cleared a spot in my glam section for it. If you're a fan of fun music with little political agenda, perhaps you'd like to do the same.

by Lycan Davis

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