Shoot Your Idols - 2 Track Demo

French Classic Rock / Blues Band 'Shoot Your Idols' consisting of front man Lex Riders on vocals, lead guitar & blues harp, Fred Engel Lenoir on bass and backing vocals, and Ben Gunn on drums; Inspired by some of the gods of rock Led Zep, Rolling Stones and AC/DC, Shoot Your Idols deliver their 2 track demo comprising of 'Baby Sharks' and 'Catfight'.

The demo starts with 'Baby Sharks', which has the most tantalising opening riff with the drums entering at precisely the right moment, completely flawless. The vocals also match this, however at some points they do become quite drowned, which I would probably put down to bad recording, I think also for a song that lasts over 5 minutes it lacked a climax, the song was brilliant but at the same time just lacking that pinnacle which would have been the icing on a perfectly baked cake.

'Catfight's intro again is brilliant, the beat is excellent and the introduction of the drums worked wonderfully, but then about a minute into the song the vocal key changes, the lyrics become almost monotonous, I'm lost as to the reason for the octave key change in the vocals, then to sing over an amazing guitar solo almost seems criminal. However, in all fairness, towards the end of the track they do pull it back and it finishes as perfectly as it started.

As a whole it's quite hard to formulate a fair opinion of these guys from 2 tracks as 'Baby Sharks' is absolutely stunning and with a climax in the song I personally think it would be classic rock at its best, 'Catfight' has some stunning guitar solo’s and the general beat of the song is brilliant but I think the repeated lyrics, the strange octave change in the vocals and singing over a guitar solo just dampens it slightly.

Overall I would definitely recommend listening to the album of these guys rather than the demo as I don’t think it does them justice, I think that 'Shoot Your Idols' are capable of some amazing music that isn’t portrayed on this demo to its best ability.

by Stacey Hull


Strange one here as these upstarts have put together a two-track demo, which appears to be aiming for a sound similar to Primal Scream's "Give Out But Don't Give Up". Unfortunately, I think a lot of work is still needed.

Firstly, the production on this is awful - I know it's only a demo but it sounds like they set the gear up in a tin shed, chucked a Dictaphone in a waste paper basket in the corner and hoped for the best.
Secondly, I found "Baby Sharks" to be way too sluggish for its own good and could really do with being played faster, while "Catfight" has some truly inadvisable falsetto vocals in the chorus, which drag it down irreparably.

I don't like slagging off bands who are only just starting out (God knows I've been in enough of 'em myself over the years) and hopefully the Lex Riders will take this as constructive criticism, but they really need to put a bit more thought into this if they're serious about making a proper go of things.

by Andy James

Editors Note: The guys did offer to send a high quality recording of these two tracks by post to me, however, I accepted them as MP3 via email, therefore, please use your discretion with regards point one.

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