Shinedown - Devour

Jacksonville Florida four-piece "Shinedown" recently proclaimed the pages of UK fashion magazine Kerrang that their music is born to be played in arenas.

Well if this one-track promo "Devour" is anything to go by, that definition is pretty much bang on the mark.
But don't get too excited just yet, as my definition of arena rock is soulless, commercial bilge played to empty headed "here today gone today" audiences. Vacuous really is vying on the side of being a compliment when I'm talking about "Shinedown".

That's not to say that "Devour" isn't a catchy little ditty, it is, and singer "Brent Smith" is the bands one saving grace, having a voice truly capable of filling arenas.

So, If your idea of the future of music is "Nickelback" playing "Disturbed" covers then "Shinedown" are for you.

Otherwise you can join me in the queue keeping a very wide berth of the bands next album "The Sound Of Madness" when it's released in the UK in March 2009.

2 out of 5

by Johnny H.

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