Sherlock Brothers - Sherlock Brothers

Here we have the debut album from Swedish five piece Sherlock Brothers. They are a great band with a sound that I guess is similar to the likes Nickelback and Shinedown. Songs like 'I Want You Messed Up' show they have a hell of a lot of potential here, I mean given the right air play this could be a huge single! There's energy in abundance, but always kept focused. The songs are tight, well written and bloody great!
Ballad 'Sleeping Silence' really does show a kind of song writing maturity which is unusual for a debut album.

Stand out tracks include: 'I Want You Messed Up', Broken', Sleeping Silence', 'Inferior', Lets Talk About Something Other Than You For A While' and 'Where is Nowhere'.

With today's trends shining on this kind of sound at the moment Sherlock Brothers could be huge in the very near future, they just need the airplay! Check em out!

Rating 10/10

by Barry Gennard

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