Shard - Make Me Butterfly

Hailing from Hitchin in the UK, Shard are a five piece band who definitely have real potential. This promo for their new single, Make Me Butterfly, is a three-track offering and is refreshingly lively, but what makes Shard's songs that little bit different is the balanced blend of keyboards and guitar throughout, giving some real depth especially during the choruses.

The other welcome dimension is the contrast of male and female vocals, which works especially well on the very melodic and summery feeling, 'Le Petit Mort'.

Although Shard may get classed as a rock outfit, these songs are more electro-rock with an Indie edge, so fans of bands such as the Wannadies or Placebo would certainly rate them, and the vocal style particularly reminds me of the Cure's Robert Smith.
With only three tracks to review, I'd like to hear more from Shard as each track was quite different in style to the others so a full album's worth of songs would be a real treat. For more information on Shard, check out their website (link to the right of the page) or catch them on tour throughout June and July 2005.

by Grant W.

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