Shameless - Queen 4 A Day

"Queen for a day" is Shameless’ second release and the expectations are high due to a major guestlist and an impressive MP3 file on their website. SHAMELESS is the brainchild of Alexx "Skunk" Michael. He obviously has some serious connections because this release features many glam/sleaze rockstars (mostly fallen or fading stars but an impressive gang bang anyway). Steve Summers, Stevie Rachelle, Tracii Guns, Bruce Kulick, Keri Kelli, Steve Riley, Eric Singer, Keith Alan and Kari Kane all contribute on "Queen 4 a Day". I guess some of Glitzine’s readers are pretty excited by now. So is SHAMELESS as good as the hype? Unfortunately, they aren’t. Steve Summers prove once again that he is one of the more talented vocalist within this genre. Strevie Rachelle is a good singer as well though I’ve always considered his voice being better suited for more metallic songs. The Production, by Keri Kelli, is as slick and polished as this kind of music demands. The performance is good at every level. It’s the lack of interesting songs that makes "Queen for a day" something of a disappointment.

Opener "Shock the World" was written by Aeriel Stiles back in the early eighties to DOLL (which later developed into PRETTY BOY FLOYD). It’s a good song though it sounds a bit outdated. It would be wrong to call SHAMELESS’ version a cover since this song has never been released but many glamfans have already heard PRETTY BOYD FLOYD’s much more impressive demoversion of this particular gem. The next song – the titletrack – "Queen 4 day" is easily the strongest song on this album. The Verse is one of the better I’ve heard in a long time. It will bring you back to the day that you bought your first PBF or POISON album. Unfortunately there are no other song that even comes close to this standard. Stiles’ "Far Away", TUFF’s "A Place where love can’t go", "Non-Stop Rock", "Lonely Nite in Paradise" and "What you want is what you get" are nice songs and they’ll make your eyes glow a bit if you’re into 80’s glam. The Rest of the songs are mediocre. "American Man", co-written by Gene Simmons (KISS), Jaime St. James and Tommy Thayer (BLACK n BLUE), is another proof that Gene Simmons is one of lousiest songwriters in the history of rock (ouups, that probably put me on top of Kiss Army's hitlist. Ok, I know the guy wrote some good stuff... but that was twenty years ago!). "Steal the Girlz" has a good and catchy melody but the lyrical content is way below average. The Next song – "I’m so Good" suffers from the same shortcomings.

"Nasty boy – looking for a bad girl. A bad girl like you. Little girl let the show begin. I play the starring role and you are my sin…. Nasty girl Getting so high. Get your ass in gear. I’m coming near". Hmmm, my nephew Anton could probably come up with something more sophisticated than that and he is five months old. The Lyrics is as essential in Glamrock as in any other genre.

Summary; SHAMELESS is a pretty good album and if you’re into 80’s glam (think WARRANT, RATT and PBF) you will probably find some parts interesting. I still haven’t figured out if SHAMELESS is band or a project. The Guestlist contains some well-known names but, personally, I prefer bands rather than projects. By the way, Alexx and the boys aren’t just SHAMELESS. They’re a bit tasteless as well. Please, skip the blonde bimbos and strippers next time will you? That is just plain silly – not shameful.

Shock the World, Queen 4 a Day, You can't stop me, Far Away, American Man, Nonstop City, Lonely nite in paradise, Don't think I luv u, What you want is what you get, Steal the girlz, I'm so good, A Place where love can't go

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