Shameless - Splashed

Shameless's second album, "Queen 4 a Day", was an all-star glam-jam session, with guest artists totalling into double figures. With their third offering, the band pared it down, resulting with "Splashed", the strongest release to date.

With only six members left, the bands sound is tighter and more focused. The most forgettable song on the CD is the kick off track 'Don't Hesitate'. After this little speed bump, 'Splashed' picks up steam with cool; in the pocket numbers 'Love Game' and 'Change the World' and a few revamped tracks from the Big Bang Babies and Pretty Boy Floyd library. From the latter, the Big Bang Babies tune 'Goodbye 2 u' is by far the strongest song on the album, while Shameless' version of 'She's Not Coming Home' boasts a melancholy ambiance that the original Pretty Boy Floyd version lacked.

The main difference from the previous albums is that Stevie Rachelle only sings on two tracks and, unlike Queen 4 a Day, there's no KISS related involvement. Even the 'filler' is impressive in its own way and although 'I love the way you make me sick' repeats one of the most oft-used lines of the last few years ('Do you love me? Do you hate me?'), and 'Change the World' sounds a lot like 'Another Night In Paradise', this is okay because hey, this is fun and catchy stuff. With Shameless what else could you ask for?

by Lycan Davis

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