Serious Suicide - Off With Your Head

My first hint that 'Off With Your Head' would sound nothing like The Zeros was the CD cover (depicting a bride brandishing a blood covered knife). After one listen, it was confirmed that the image was fitting and that the band, headed by vocalist Psyche Suicide and featuring music by scene legend Sammy Serious, is more than just a side project.

From the we are (a demented) family atmosphere of 'Schizophrenic Junkies' to the double shot of Alice in Wonderland imagery in 'Evil Queen' and the title track, Serious Suicide creates a dark, unsettling mood without sacrificing melody. These characteristics are constant throughout the 7-song collection, coasting into 'Burn Me At the Stake' with Sammy taking over vocals for a Nick Cave sounding verse with excellent results. The disc ends off with an odd cover of 'To Sir With Love', but by this time, nothing is really gonna shock me. Fans hoping for The Zeros Part II will be disappointed with 'Off With Your Head', but for anybody willing to accept and appreciate Sammy's musical abilities, check this one out.

by Lycan Davis

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