Serious Suicide - 4 Track Demo

Start with a hint, the first word … link it to a musician … think purple, think loopy loo and make sure you use the same initials as the band. Got it yet? If not, I’d suggest you do some ‘SERIOUS’ reading up on The Zeros, yep, this is mister serious himself’s new project.Serious Suicide came about via a TV show Sammy and Psyche Suicide (one hell of a stunning front lady … Psyche’s got the image, the looks, the voice and the attitude. Watch out guys, she’ll have you begging for more, n’ I ain’t giving you any ideas on what you’ll be begging for) were showcasing.

The TV show ‘Sammy Serious-Psyche Suicide Singer Songwriter Showcase Show on Sundays’ speaks for itself and doesn’t need anymore explanation, and you know what … I think at the end of this review, I’m gonna count how many bleemin words I’ve used beginning with the letter ‘S’.

Serious Suicide consists of 4 members … Sammy Serious, Psyche Suicide (of course), Marz and Dr. Smooth (I’m guessing the show paid off). Anyone who pleasured in the delights Sammy and The Zeros passed over to the purple people eaters of the world should adore this project, n’ if you don’t … well, more fool you. In my own opinion, I’d say Sammy’s taken the style of Serious Suicide back to 1991, the generation of, especially with the first 2 tracks ‘Zeig Psyche’ and ‘Got It All Baby’. I’m a little unsure what to make of ‘Love You’, a great ballad needs to have the power to slam you in the gut, tear it open, a hand to reach inside, grab at your small, beating heart and twist it to the point of collapse … and it doesn’t. It seems a shame to place it amongst the other 3 tracks, it could grow on me, but I doubt it would. ‘Red Lipstick/Wanna Rock’ finishes the demo with a raw finesse and is the only song on the demo Sammy didn’t write. Utmost extreme in the trashy punk sense and if you could imagine an intermix of The Detox Darlings and The Donnas you’ve hit spot with a pulsating whollup.Buy their newly released CD ‘Something To Live For’ direct from Serious Suicide for a miniscule $10 ($8 plus $2 shipping).

54 words beginning with ‘S’ by the way!

by Spicey D. Warlock

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