Serial Obsession - Shotgun Opera

Track listing:
01 - All The Way
02 - Edge Of The Blade
03 - Dear Abby
04 - Follow You Down
05 - Costa Rica
06 - Half Cocked
07 - Inside Out
08 - I Can't Believe
09 - No surprise
10 - So Cold

They're back! SERIAL OBSESSION return with their full length album SHOTGUN OPERA.

Serial Obsession create arena rock style tunes with big choruses, and grooves that vary between Aerosmith and Muse, plus a whole lot of showmanship. There is also a dirty sleazy vibe going on as well down deep in the rhythm section on tracks like All The Way and Edge Of The Blade.

Follow You Down is the most radio friendly track on the album is the one that is likely to allow Serial Obsession to be heard by the masses and crosses the line between indie and rock which should broaden their appeal.

Pick of the bunch for me are I Can't Believe and So Cold for their bouncy grooves, riffs and harmonies.

This is a very good album with some excellent musicianship.

Standout tracks:
Edge Of The Blade
Follow You Down
Inside Out
I Can't Believe
So Cold

by K.T.Glitz

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