Sequel - S/T

Sequel started life in the early 80's releasing their self titled debut album back in 1982. A follow up, 'Daylight Fright' was recorded but shelved when the band split up and sat in the vaults until finally being released in 2004 when the band reformed. This album is the fruits of their reformation.

Let me start by saying I'm not a big fan of AOR and have never heard anything from the early days of Sequel. As a result of this I've reviewed it purely as a 'new' album and as such this probably puts the album at an instant disadvantage. For those who are aware, and indeed are fans of Sequel, this album would probably be a much better prospect than those of us looking at it from an angle with no prior knowledge of the band. 'All Right All Right' opens with a riff hugely reminiscent of AC/DC and is a pretty good tune let down by some very generic lyrics, which make it hard to get excited. Follow up track 'Cherry Wine' has a good group chorus that stands out and is a fine rock track giving the impression that the band are aiming for a dirty rock 'n' roll sound and promising good things for the rest of the album. Next up is 'The Good Stuff' which has a hint of Damn Yankees about it; unfortunately this marks a change in the direction of the rest of the album. 'Rock 'n' Roll Girl' is a fairly faceless AOR track, a decent chorus but then most AOR stand or fall on their choruses and there's nothing here to make it stand out from the crowd. The ballad 'The Best I Can' has the usual lyrical theme of a girl who's left but the vocalist can't stop thinking about her. The same thing you've heard in a song hundreds of times before. Sixth track, 'You Don't See Me' is more acoustic based pop music but this time he's met someone new who doesn't seem to notice him. He's moved on pretty quick so I guess couldn't have been too upset by the girl leaving him in track 5. More uninspired stuff and the rest of the album plays out in a similar vein with 'What's Wrong With You?' reminding me of a lighter version of Dan Baird.

It's not that this is a bad album there's just nothing to get excited about, it starts off reasonably well before degenerating into one pop-rock-by-numbers track after another. Fans of the band will no doubt love this album but it's just not something I'll be giving repeated listens to. I'm pretty sure that classic rock magazine writers will lap it up but I prefer my music to have some balls and unfortunately that's just what this album is lacking and as such I'd find it difficult to recommend this to anyone.

by John Baxter

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