Secret Smile - This Is Our Time Now

Secret Smile is a band that has been around since the early nineties, but has sadly been forgotten by the masses. They play very good melodic hard rock in the style of Danger Danger and White Lion, both of which they have shared the stage with. The band reunited in 2003 after a hiatus and haven't slowed down since, releasing three albums since their reunion.

The new album is a nice collection of songs by a band that still sounds very much at the top of their game. "Not My Heartache" sounds like it could be a song from a new Danger Danger album, while "Heaven Only Knows" and "I'm On My Way" have a very catchy sound and are my favorite songs off the album. Singer T.J. Gabriele actually seems to sound reminiscent of Bang Tango's Joe Lesté at times. "All Of The Things I Ever Needed" is a nice closing song with its sing-along chorus and further cements this band as a "best kept secret" that needs to be spread to a larger audience.

While it might not be 1993 anymore (when the band's debut album was released), this music is still very much alive today because of bands like Secret Smile that stay true to their roots and don't try to play something just to fit in with today's market. Well worth checking out if you are looking for that next melodic hard rock/AOR masterpiece.


by Patrick White

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