Secret Rivals - What Fists Are For

Secret Rivals are a Reading based Indie/Pop/Punk band whom have just released their debut EP/Demo digitally. They count 'Help She Can't Swim', 'Pixies', 'Hot Hot Heat', 'Los Campesinos','Sonic Youth', 'Blood Red Shoes, and 'You Say Party We Say Die' amongst their influences.

What fists are for is a three-track EP demo with middle track 'Afraid of the Dark' being the one that stands out to me. It's got a nice melodic poppy feel and the male/female vocal exchanges work really well. Generally the bands sound is a bit of a mess, pretty much sounding like a domestic argument on CD, but that's part of the appeal of these guys. You get a frantic frenzy of energy and melodies. These guys are the main reason why it's fun to start a band in the first place. Interested to hear more.

Rating 7/10

by Barry Gennard

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