Sebasrockets - Toys From Balsa

Sebasrockets are like a train wreck - they're loud, they're nasty and undoubtedly trashy, ... and just like a train wreck it's impossible to look away. This 4-piece hailing from Melbourne, Australia are at the forefront of the latest Australian glam/sleaze/metal wave, and a listen to their debut self titled album will show you why.

The opening track Downtime sets the tone for the album - a sleazy, dirty piece of full-throttle rock'n'roll you'd expect to hear from the likes of Backyard Babies. Downtime sports a chorus you can't help but join in with... beer in one hand and the other in a raised clenched fist. Follow this up with the glam-infused, fist thumping Rock'n'Roll Overdose and you'll have no doubt what these guys are about - leather, liquor, ladies and loud music.

At times the album takes a bit of a left turn with tracks like the New York Dolls inspired Trespass - Outcast, as the band drop the glam sound for more of a snarling punk attitude. As the album continues this trend continues with the bad dabbling in both the glam and punk genres. Enemy presents a great compromise with it's roaring guitars and aggressive punk-inspired vocals.

For me, the sleazy glam-ridden tracks, such as Rocketzone, edge out the punk-propelled tracks like D.O.A. The ten track disc rounds out with Strung Out In The City, a track littered with keyboards, with the potential to become something special. I can hear the classic track just dying to burst out of here but it just falls short of that 'classic' mark.

It's hard to either classify this album as either glam or punk. With the vocal duties shared throughout the album, one minute you find yourself comparing Sebasrockets to glam-core specialists The Mistakes, then the next track will have you thinking Motley Crue, raw and yet to be discovered way back in 1981.

If I had to pick a downside to the album it would have to be the disjointed feeling I get with the rotation of the lead vocal duties - the album doesn't settle. All up, the album pulls no punches - it's in your face and for that the band will make no apologies. It's an album you'll either love or hate - there's no middle ground - and for me... I love it! Sebasrockets is the perfect accompaniment to a Saturday night, a pizza and a bottle of Jack Daniels.

by Lindsay B.

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