Scutty Neighbours - DE45

Self-confessed musical degenerates "Scutty Neighbours" hail from Bakewell in the rather picturesque Peak District (hence the reference to the postcode DE45).
However in rather stark contrast to the peaceful solitude of their birthplace, the only peaks you'll be lucky to find in "Scutty Neighbours" infested minds are those on a jizz covered "Pandora Peaks", and those peaks I can dig.

If "Zeke", "Turbonegro" and "The Mentors" are your idea of a peaceful night in, with the obligatory suicide girl and four pack of Special Brew along for the ride then "DE45" is for you…you sick fuck.

With track titles like the awesome "Lock In", "Beardy Motherfuckers" and (my personal favourite) "Indie Cunts" then you pretty much know that that what your going to get for your entry money. Hopefully it's going to come with one of those PMRC stickers on the front cover, this time in a nice shade of day glow snot green.

Less smutty but none the less scutty "Hitler Smash", "Sparky Hierarchy" and "Welcome to The Neighbourhood" are all potential anthems for the dickless "Guitar Hero" generation.

"DE 45" is eight tracks of dirty garage rock n roll perfection, not a million miles away from major label notoriety. This frisky bunch of noise dealers are well on their way to headlining Hammersmith Apollo, car park on their very own "Seventh Date of Scutt".

If "Scutty Neighbours" moved into the house next door to you, your house would want to demolish itself.

5 out of 5

by Johnny H.

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