Scritt Scrat - Psycho Tracks

I have to admit to only ever having heard one Scritt Scrat album (blasphemy I hear you shout) and I’ve only ever read good things about them on Glitzine so I know that I should expect to hear a bubblegum induced high with this 'best of' album from the word go.
What becomes apparent after just a few songs into the CD is that the songs are all based on a well known formula that works with glam fans and Scritt Scrat are not going to disappoint and change a recipe that everyone likes.

They don’t try anything complex in terms of musical direction or instrumentation and I’m sure that’s just their intention, its just pure bubblegum glam, basic and raw in terms of production, nothing mamsy pamsy here, what you see is what you get, three guys touting and pouting their way through riff filled and instantly catchy songs.

Although some of the songs on Psycho Tracks have been released before, the ones here have been re-recorded and I don’t know if it’s possible but they appear so much more poppier and lively to their forerunners, it just adds to all the fun of listening to this album. Fun, incidentally, is also a word that you have to associate with Scritt Scrat. I can’t see them ever putting out songs that wouldn’t have you pogeing around your living room to - there’s a dent in my ceiling to prove it.

Lead singer Kiko Rivers has a very distinctive candy coated vocal style which makes their sound quite unique in the world of glam. If I had to compare them then to someone, I would probably say that Hollywood Teasze is a close match in terms of style and sound.
Don’t expect a high quality digitally enhanced/remastered super clean sounding CD however - this is rough in production and probably deliberately so which does mean sometimes you are left wanting slightly for the vocals in the mix but that’s just the nature of bubblegum glam.

There’s a few samples on the Scritt Scrat site which I suggest you check out if this is your ticket and if you want to get into Scritt Scrat, this ‘best of’ CD is probably the best place to start off - a great fun, fast paced, sugar fuelled album and highly recommended

by Grant W.

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