Screaming Angel - The Inner War EP

Opening track "Life" kicks in with stark screamo vocals and badly out of tune guitars quickly followed up by whiney ass emoesque harmony parts. To make matters worse they throw a badly played piano mixed together with out of synch thrash style machine gun riffing… this is already a bad start!

Follow up track "Beat the Boy" is more of the same out of tune guitars and vocals. At this point never mind "Beat the Boy" I feel like my ears are being assaulted. "Inner Voices" has some weird choking intro that sounds like they are clearing their throats, yet more of the same tuneless bullshit as the first two songs! Thankfully this travesty comes to an end with "Bruises", yet more of the same tuneless mishmash of styles! My ears really do feel bruised after listening to this.

In all my years of reviewing this has to be the worst release ever to come to my attention! How these guys could ever consider a career in music with not even vocal or instrumental talent to carry them over is beyond me.

by Dizzy Starr

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