The Science Fiction Idols - Spooky Sugar

T.Rex, Bowie, with a touch of The Beat Angels is the only way I can describe The Science Fiction Idols. They take 70's glam and throw in a bit of that unmistakeable punk attitude to make what I feel is by far a great album.

From the Rolling Stones 'I Love Your Mouth', to the T.Rex sound of 'Starfire', The Science Fiction Idols hooked me in and made me want to hear more of what they were all about. Song after song I listened, only to get drawn in deeper and deeper until the song 'Little Fly', snapped me from the trance I was in.

The Science Fiction Idols are in my opinion one of the few great bands out in this world where music has taken a downfall and radio has taken a plunge to crapsville. If 'Spooky Sugar' (the bands first release) is this good... then I can't wait to see what they put out next.

Good songs, great musicianship, but most important... an excellent band.

by Marcus Calzada

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