Scarlet Violet - Animated Freaks

Animated Freaks is the first full length album from Italian glamsters Scarlet Violet, and as the cover art depicts, Scarlet Violet deliver a warped version of cartoon sleaze rock. It would be easy to mistake Scarlet Violet as the love child of The Erotics and Pretty Boy Floyd, however Scarlet Violet infuse a dirtier, darker sound to our usual idea of sleaze rock.

A soothing intro depicting a tranquil childhood is soon shattered with bawdy attitude driven tracks such as 'Dirty Little Whore' and the glammed-up 'Hollywood'. A heavier side to the band is also on display with 'Bad Reputation' which takes equal parts classic metal and Italian sleaze, blends them together to produce a seriously heavy dose of rock.

The highlight of the disc, in my opinion, is the catchy-as-hell 'In Front of You' which has one of the most addictive melodies since Hardcore Superstar reminded us they they don't celebrate Sundays. It's one of those tracks where everything just falls into place, and can surely provide Scarlet Violet with a solid foundation on which the band can build.

Before album's end, the band even manages to deliver an 80's style power ballad with 'Gates of Heaven' that would not be out of place on a Poison or Shameless album. The album finished on a glorious high with 'Cutie Pie' launching with a Def Leppard style riff before neatly tying off the album with a great summer party anthem.

Sure... there are 1-or-2 fillers on the discs such as the disjointed 'Who's To Blame', but over-all this is one fine album. Blending the glorious stench of Italian sleaze with more popular glam-punk, Scarlet Violet are going to appeal to fans of bands ranging from The Erotics thru to Hollywood Teasze. Available thru Sliptrick Records, this is definitely a welcome addition to any glam-punk collection.

by Lindsay Buloch

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