Scarlet Violet - Ready To Rock

Scarlet Violet's 'Ready to Rock' 5 Track EP is the newest instalment from this unsigned Milan based 4 Piece, completely self financed the sound quality of these tracks is impressive and certainly reinforces the bands dedication to what they do.

This 5 Track demo starts with 'Back on a Bend', the intro riffs are enticing and sets the foundations of what you can expect from the rest of the tracks. The guitar work from Flylo is energetic and constantly great throughout all the tracks on this E.P. Definitely would be an amazing guitarist to see live and his stunning guitar solo's add a lot of depth to bands music as a whole. Vocalist L.A. has a brilliant range, his ability probably best portrayed in 'Bad Reputation', along with an amazing solo from Drummer Joey but I found that the bass player Fedexx was a little drowned on this particular track and could of been a lot more prominent, which in my opinion would make this by far the best track out of the five.

Scarlet Violet are definitely worth a listen even if your not particularly a fan of glam rock as they have a slight mix of genres going on and anyone that appreciates music will respect this band for their ability to write good music.

by Stacey Hull

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