Sassy Scarlet - What Were Once Vices... Are Now Habits!

More than ten years on from its original release, here is a unique opportunity to own Sassy Scarlet's truly fantastic glam-punk creation in a re-mastered format. This little gem is only available in limited quantities so you'd better be quick off the mark if you want a copy, if in fact there are any still left. And of course (as if you didn't know) Sassy Scarlet were fronted by legendary guitarist Ky Anto of Robin Black fame, heard here on lead vocals and showing another of his abilities to the full - is there no end to this man's talents?

Put simply, this CD is superb from the outset. Track one is a fantastic punked up cover version of 'What a Wonderful World' by Louis Armstrong, what a bizarre choice, but it works beautifully. You have to credit Sassy Scarlet for turning this around into a great version with some clever changes to the melody.

The whole CD rocks from start to finish but I did think I was listening to the 'Peppermint Creeps/Lollipop Bitches' when I listened to track 2, the similarity is unbelievable and then I saw another similarity - track number 4 is called 'Lollipop Bitch'. Given that Sassy Scarlet was formed around the early 90's and that this has been out of circulation for a decade, I guess I now know who one of the Peppermint Creeps influences were and who can blame them, look what Ky has gone on to achieve as a solo artist and with Robin Black.

The other cover (of which there are three in total) that deserves a mention is 'S.O.S.' by, wait for it… ABBA of all bands, but once again, it's sleazed up with notable melody differences and is just fantastic. You really have to credit some bands by the way in, which they pick the most obscure covers and transform them so well into their own interpretations.

Riddled with crunching riffs throughout especially on the likes of 'Chinese Rocks' and 'Anna Rexic', this is a real must for fans of glam-punk and Ky Anto not least because it's a real rarity. It just oozes class so if there's a CD that can wait just a little bit longer, don't wait another ten years - spend your hard earned cash on this now or live to regret it.

by Grant W

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