Sammy Serious - Last Stop O.P. Hotel

'Aaaah, you gotta be joking right? Nope… and yes. Welcome to the surrealistic Wayne's World of Mr. Serious. Like entering a funfair peopled by the 'Dead Milkmen', 'They Might Be Giants' and 'King Missile', but in a universe created by CC Deville (not that he needs any ideas on that score), so that every guitar lick sounds like it's lifted from 'Open Up And Say Aaaah', with the odd bit of Beatles, and erm, Feeder. Yuss, folks, someone's started nicking bits of that annoying 'Buck Rogers' song already!

See, he might be a bit plump but he's still better looking than all of us poor sinners of course. Strike One. - But I'll forgive him cos this is an amusing half-hour trip on the whole, and made me laugh a few times, being conveyed in such a likeable doofus way. The big and bouncy 'Degenerate of Love' and the sweet 'I Love You' win the day here, though overall I can't imagine running down the street to spread the gospel of Mr. Serious anytime soon.

by Stu Gibson

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