Salvation Star Brigade - So Pornocrapically Correct

Ah marvellous… a fabulously glam trash 3 track EP that reminds me a little of the 'Clash' and little of the 'Wildhearts' and ever so occasionally the vocalist sounds like Gary Floyd from 'Sister Double Happiness', which is a little unsettling as the styles of the two bands are distinctly different!

Its surface trashiness hides the fact that all three tracks have not been just bashed out in the studio, but honed to gritty perfection. They have melody, catchy choruses and enough memorable riffs to have you jumping up and down and singing along by the time the chorus kicks in. Vocalist Spinx B'stard is going to win no prizes, but his grizzled vocals drive the melodies to perfection.

The bio implies that Salvation Star Brigade have struggled with line ups. I hope that they can keep this one stable long enough to build some momentum - they deserve it. For fans of the more glam trash style this is manna from heaven. Please sir, can I have some more?


by Phil T.

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