Sahara Steel - Sahara Steel

Sahara Steel would probably have been a lot bigger if grunge hadn't dropped a bomb on the scene so it's great that Perris Records are digging through their archives and re-issuing a lot of these albums.

Cheese hair metal is alive and well with SAHARA STEEL. With their self titled debut Sahara Steel you can see the footprint that bands like them left to inspire their imitators, Steel Panther. It's quite hard to review an album that was released nearly 10 years ago as you have to remember that everything was written for essentially a different era!

This is by no means a classic but certainly is nowhere near the worst recording that a band from this era has put out. It is good club hair metal but it did tend to sound a little dated in places.

At times I struggled a bit Jack Klunder's vocals as his shrieking was often just too much for me. That said, he does have a good voice overall though that gives the songs a gritty edge. Guitarist Patrick Sheppard's delivers some great riffs. There are flashes of brilliance here but it never quite tips over into that really special something.

If you like Dokken and Bulletboys then you probably won't be disappointed with this.

Standout tracks:
Heart Of Fire (fantastic stadium ballad)
Save Your Prayers
Man On The Run
Good Girl Gone Bad

by K.T. Glitz

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