Ruin - Believe In the Ruins

I liked Australia's glampunks Voodoo Lovecats eventhough their peak was  before they actually released an album. Voodoo Lovecats is now history (though Rikki Ruin just told they might get back together again. As you know, a cat has got nine lives after all. The Lovecats were five so that  would be... 45 lives. Not even Peter Criss could waste so many!). "Believe in the ruins" is guitarist Rikki Ruin's first soloalbum. "The Things I do" starts with handclaps, I'm such a sucker for that. This is melodic glamorous poppunk with a twist. Rikki is catchy without ruin it. "The Kids are out tonight" sounds like Toy Dolls overdosing on rock n roll.

"Bombs away" is fast pace punk with a point. I haven't heard such humorous
and qualitative glampunk since the Orphan Punks! I'm starting to believe that Rikki Ruin was the glitterkitten in Voodoo Lovecats. The Industrytones that killed the cats, are long gone. Ruin has produced a funny, catchy glampunk mayhem.

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Reviewed by Andreas Persson