Ruby Slippers - You've Tasted Glam... Now Swaller Glitter!

Every glam fan should have heard of Ruby Slippers, they never had anything released commercially but they had a string of demos under several line-ups.

They had one of the best looks taking the glam image to the extreme with feather boas, ladies stockings and suspender belts, they had a fantastic old skool influence and brought some of the 70's glam era to the 80's scene.

The demos have been pulled together by Kelv Hellrazer and remixed by another Glitzine regular Marky Glam and packaged into the nearest thing you're ever going to get to a Ruby Slippers album.

Granted the sound from the demos isn't fantastic but this is a little glam gem so you really need to have this one in the collection. Nigel Itson may not have had the most powerful voice and perfect pitch but that's what makes this all the more glam, just think what they could have been with a label behind them in the eighties.

There are whole bunch of classic glam anthems on here, Sweet Irene, Fast Girls (2, 4, 6, 8 na na na na na na wow), Over and Over and Twinkle Twinkle (youtube).

Ruby Slippers also had a few branches on the glam 'family tree'. Nigel Itson, who was originally a drummer, played in the original London line-up with guitarist Lizzie Grey. Both played in St Valentine, bassist Vinnie Votel played with Spiders and Snakes and guitarist KV turned down an audition for Poison.

Check out some old live footage here and if that doesn't sell it to you then you've never tasted glam.

by Grant W.

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