Rockets To Ruin - Love*Drugs*Rebellion

With a name like Rockets To Ruin I was expecting something at the punk end of the spectrum rather than the traditional heavy metal on this 10 track CD from US four piece.

According to the press pack "This high powered, guitar driven rock-n-roll band is set to inspire a defiant rock-deprived generation that is ready for a 360-degree spin from the mainstream corporate numbness currently dominating the nation's airwaves". Well, they've summed up the general state of the nation very well but there's little on this CD that's going to upset the status quo too much.

There's nothing inherently bad, the vocalist can sing, the musicians are competent enough and it's got a decent production but there's nothing that makes it stand out. Each time I listen, I keep hoping that the band are going to take their foot off of the brake, let rip and make it sound like they're enjoying what they're doing. "Gotta Go, Gotta Roll" is the closest that they get - a superb riff and a chorus that lodges itself in your brain. The pre-chorus has some great lead guitar and the judicious use of backing chants throughout gives this track the added dynamics that so many of the others lack. It seems to be the only one on this CD that sounds as if the band have been let off the leash. I can't help feeling that in a live situation Rockets To Ruin would be a far more exciting proposition, but this CD wouldn't inspire me to seek them out.

by Phil T.

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