Roxx Gang - Old, New, Borrowed and Blue

This is a great Glam album that leaves a little bit of bitter aftertaste in my mouth. What you get on this fourth or fifth release by the Florida band is a bunch of oldies goldies, a cover and a brand new song. Well, guess what, the best two traxx are "Skin & Bones" and "Dogtown", recorded 2000 years ago with the original Roxx Gang lineup. Many of you probably already own the great "High Five" demo and are therefore familiar with "Cry to Cupid" and "Virginia": vintage boot-stompin’ anthems of the finest order.

I cannot understand Kevin’s mojo fixation and I therefore cannot fall for the cover of "Got My Mojo Working" but I kinda like the Elvis Presley overtones of "Somethin’ Evil". This new track is probably a leftover from the appalling "Mojo Guru" opus but is ten times better than 90% of the stuff you can find on that album. I guess you are starting to see my point: I do not like the direction the band has taken and I miss one of my favorite Glam outfits ever. I especially recommend the c.d. to young fans since it will allow you to taste the evolution (yeah, right) of the Steele family from the mid-80’s till today.

by Marco Caneva