Rough Citizen - Echolocation

Track listing:
01 - Fear Of Dying
02 - Following Circles
03 - Nuclear
04 - Perception
05 - Fluorescent
06 - Blindfold
07 - The King Of England
08 - I Used To Be A Salesman

ECHOLOCATION by ROUGH CITIZEN is a mighty fine. Echolocation is a solo project but you would never guess that from the way this CD is put together.

There is a hint of Radiohead and R.E.M. in here and and controbute towards some classy indie pop rock. It's probably a bit off the wall but I can even here shaes of Jose Gonzalez in songs like Perception. The quality of the songs and the lyrics raise this above the level of most modern bands.

I am not really sure how to classify this album, it is certainly not one to listen to if you want to rock out! It might be a little different but I would definitely recommend ECHOLOCATION as the songwriting and production is top notch! It's the sort of thing you can stick on after a hard day to just chill and relax to.

Standout tracks:
Following Circles
I Used To Be A Salesman

by K.T.Glitz

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