Roswells - Rock n' Roll U.F.O.

Roswells are Alien Rock n Roll. The Titletrack "U.F.O Rock n Roll" has almost become an anthem as of late, w/ lines such as "... these creatures from Mars are only interested in, what the youngster would say, Rocking out". It was featured on the "Back to Rockaway Beach 1" compilation.

Roswells is a fusion of heavy metal and punkrock. The fourth and best track - the kids wanna rock n roll - sums up the concept pretty well. Vocalist Jimmy Flame can scream with the best of them which he proves effectively in the opener "bad mothefucker". Fortunately, he also got a more a more melodic dimension to his voice. Not that he gives a shit. Other peaks are "(proud to be a headbanger)", "dino" and "in the army". All explodes with an energylevel not heard since the Dead Boys. "Rock n Roll U.F.O." also has some fillers which slightly decreases the final impression.

Roswells is all about pogo, headbanging and having a great time. They appear under the moniker of Jimmy Flame and the Sexy Boys nowadays.   Available from

Jimmy Flames' Sexy Boys' Website
Amp Records