Ross Royce - Life Worth Living

A very confused album. Not sure if Ross Royce wants to be David Bowie, John Lennon or Dave Gilmour. If you've ever had the misfortune of seeing the hugely disappointing 'Velvet Goldmine' you can pretty much identify with 'Life Worth Living'. There were some very confused characters in that film too.

The album starts off jolly enough with a catchy little riff and vocal on the title track but from then on my life certainly took a turn for the worse. A couple of below-par sub-Bowie strum-alongs that never go anywhere later and I'm wondering if the guys left the studio happy with their lot.

The pace is picked up with the albums stand-out track 'Mixed Up World' which as I've pretty much intimated earlier is the theme for the album. If there wasn't all the overdubbed slop in the middle of the track, Ross could have a hit on his hands with this one but sadly the producer felt the need to back this over the top craziness. 5 songs in and there's the obligatory ballad but instead of being light, catchy and sensitive it just passes me by and would certainly be the signal for me to head to the toilet/bar if I found myself at one of their shows.

Just as I was dropping off, drifting into the 70's refrains of 'Good Year' the repeated lyric of 'Memories Inside of My Head' (where else would they be? In your foot?) made me chuckle and then some rather high (too high) harmonies made me cringe. Next up is what sounds like a live track…. Wow, the band sounds popular but the song is distinctly average. THEN we are treated to something that wouldn't sound out of place on a follow up to Pink Floyds 'The Wall' an epic piece of music that really belongs on a different album somewhere in the early eighties. I've a feeling the band were trying to do something weird and wonderful towards the end of this album but it's not for me, the experiment failed. What made them think of sticking the second half of the album onto the first and calling it a record? I'm confused, I need a lie down… ahh that's better 'Suzanne's Meditation' yes nurse it's all very nice and chilled but what am I doing here?



by Hilda

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