Roller - Impossibly Real

Combining song writing on a par with vintage U2 and early Gun with vocals straight out of the 'Destination Anywhere' sessions and tossing a hint of Jellyfish into the mix, Roller kicks out an impressive CD with 'Impossibly Real'. The band wisely follows the suggestion given by the album title, and the result is a wonderful trip through a series of impressive and down-to-earth mid-tempo songs.

In a perfect world, any of the first six songs on 'Impossibly Real' would be all over the charts and played on mainstream radio worldwide. The only time Roller misses a beat is on the single 'Baby Ran', a song whose upbeat feel is so out of sync with the rest of the line-up, that it sounds like it may have been written 'just' to be a hit. It's not horrible, just not representative of what Roller are, which is too bad since it could hurt them in the long run. Nevertheless, for people who don't buy CDs for the single aspect, 'Impossibly Real' is strong enough that it won't matter.

by Lycan Davis

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