Rock Sugar - Re-Imaginator

01. Don't Stop the Sandman
02. We Will Kickstart Your Rhapsody
03. Crazy Girl
04. Voices in the Jungle
05. Here Comes the Fool You Wanted
06. Shook Me Like a Prayer
07. Straight to Rock City
08. Prayin' for a Sweet Weekend
09. Heaven and Heaven
10. Breakin' the Love
11. I Love Sugar On Me
12. Round and Separated
13. Dreaming of a Whole Lotta Breakfast

Cover Bands. There are cover bands that cover songs in a way which is OK, if Karaoke is your thing. There are cover bands that are terrible and may also manage to kill the original songs for you. There are cover bands that take the song, spice it up and and make it their own.

Then there is Rock Sugar. This band is in a whole class of its own.

I have particular views on what makes a good cover song. It has to be recognisable but at the same time it has to be different from the original; have something which sets it apart.

When I popped Rock Sugar's Reimaginator into my CD player, my first reaction was disappointment and a little dread at what sounded like another standard karaoke cover of Metallica's Enter Sandman. My second reaction was to laugh out loud when the lyrics kicked in.

It was inspired.

If the song titles seem vaguely familiar, it's because they are, well, sort of. Rock Sugar has taken well known songs, sometimes three or more and in some cases from quite different genres and crashed them together to create a hybrid. In most cases the result is so wrong, its right. It works but you're not quite sure why.

Musically its extemely well put together and the mixture of rock and pop works seamlessly. Vocally superb, even the Axl-style whinings sound right on Voices in the Jungle.

I'm not sure where the band will go from here but then who'd have thought you could throw heavy rock and cheesy pop into a blender, mix it up and pour out a cocktail of something that's likeable in an infectious sort of way.

I loved it. Stand out tracks for me are Don't Stop the Sandman, We Will Kickstart Your Rhapsody and Voices in the Jungle.

by Toni Glitz

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