Rocket 69 - Demolition Diary

Tick - Tick - Tick... Rocket 69 is a caffeine bomb waiting to explode and blow your speakers. Yes, Rocket 69 is LOUDER and snottier than most bands I've heard in awhile. Opener "Search & Destroy" is a crossbreed of early Kiss and Dead Boys. I suppose these boys grew up in Detroit PUNK city.

"Negative Way" and "Just kill me" are glamorous 77punk of the finest order. "Freaks", "Everything is Fine" and "Somebody's gonna get their Head kicked in tonight" (the latter is a cover) are pure hits and should earn Rocket 69 some well-earned recognition. Pogo Pop Pop - Pang! Are you ready for a rocketride?

"Demolition Diary" closes with a nice stomping country gem with a topic we all can relate to, called "Goodbye Bar, Hello Floor". All in all, this is a very strong album of American punkrock. I certainly hope that this RnR Rocket from Richmond take off really soon... They deserve it.

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