Rock City Angels - Use Once and Destroy

Kicking straight in with "Psycho" the Rock City Angels are back! This is a master class in straight up punk blues that sounds like a fist fight between the Beatles and the Ramones.

"Corrine" snakes out of the speakers with a slinky voodoo swagger and totally nasty intentions, this is classic Rock City Angels doing what they do best… rocking out like motherfuckers! "I Got Your Heart" kicks down the door and gatecrashes the party! This is pure pogo-a-go go punk and won't fail to leave you bouncing round like a lunatic with split vocals that remind me in places of legendary LA punk band X. This track was born to start pits live. "Report Card Day" comes crashing in and is pure 80's LA punk in feel and style and would be a strong contender for a single release as I could personally see this getting major airplay on the radio. "Coffee and Cigarettes" is a real bar blues treat of a song just born for long hot summer parties with cold beers and cheap whiskey. "Use Once and Destroy" kicks in with a haunting spoken intro that slow burns into an acid induced mellowed out Alice Cooperesque haunted ballad, this is a pure chill out track. "(I Ain't No) Miracle Worker" picks up the pace nicely, this is a serious trip into classic Cooper territory and could pass for a lost Alice demo. "Keep Fighting" is another master class in bar room fist fighting blues that the band do oh so well. "Convicted" has a serious Social Distortion vibe running through and will leave you tapping your foot from start to finish. "Comeback" slows things down, this is a slow soulful song that has an almost blues country vibe to it and could seriously melt the hardest of hearts. Sadly all good things must come to an end and this does on a total high with "Divine Asylum", from the spoken intro to the swirling guitars this is a perfect closer.

Rock City Angels are back hopefully to stay. For older fans approach this release with an open mind as it isn't a full on glam album ala Teenage Lipstick Boys or the pure soul blues of Young Mans Blues but it still cements the reason why Rock City Angels kick ass and will always remain in my top bands of all time.

by Dizzy Starr

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