Robin Brock - Monsters

Co-written by Robin Brock and John Capek and Produced by John Capek. This is the evolution and resurrection of Canadian Rock singer/songwriter Robin Brock. 10 tracks of fiery, gritty guitars, infectious melodies and sing-a-long, addictive choruses, delivered in a playful, matter of fact, velvety edged voice.

Classic Rock with a little electronica going on in places with enough pop sensibilities to allow it to fare well commercially, even chart in many countries! Robin Brock could be a huge star if 'Monsters' gets some airplay! Now I believe that most of the lyrics are written with tongue firmly in cheek as they make Steel Panther and Spinal Tap look mature, but they're fun and it's great to hear a talented female singer give the lads a run for their money!

Rating 9/10

by Barry Gennard

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